The Real Estate Sign



The Real Estate Sign

This work is for the front yard. It sits on the easement, that semi-public and semi-private strip of land between the sidewalk and the street in a (sub)urban landscape. It is a commercially manufactured real estate sign with a custom design. The text commands: Build your Dream Now.

An actual real estate sign on an empty lot in my neighborhood inspired this work.

A sketchily drawn image of a bed floats underneath the text. On the surface, the phrase Build Your Dream Now is an inspirational statement. Simultaneously it is a command, an authoritative voice laced with a hint of brutality. As an actual real estate sign the work links with ideas about home ownership and the American Dream. However in this work there is nothing for sale.

The bed drawing suggests the other kind of nighttime dreaming that comes with sleep. Although the verb “build” suggests action, activity, doing, sometimes the most important thing is to literally build the dreams of sleep where the rest and reparation of the psyche can take place. Sometimes the best thing you can do is rest, slow down, stop.
A dream is a complicated thing: an aspiration, a fantasy, a succession of images, thoughts and emotions that passes through the mind when you are asleep. Dreams have everything to do with desire, but are not what they first seem.