date night at dma

just saw this sweet shout out from Lucia Simik:

date night at dma

Artwork by Rebecca Carter on left; Bojan Šarčević, She, 2010, onyx in the show Silence and Time on right

Back in college, when we were first dating, my now husband and I would hit up the Dallas Museum of Art for a free date night every Thursday. There would be jazz in the atrium, beer to purchase, and always, without fail, the feeling that we’d participated in the life of the city and had a swell (cheap) date. While the museum isn’t free on Thursdays anymore, they do have the great deal this summer of half price admission on that day — five bucks into a fabulous museum is still a steal, even if it isn’t totally free, and there’s the music and food and, oh yeah — the art.

Now, with a few kids in tow, I appreciate Thursdays at the DMA even more than when we were single, because with music echoing all through the museum and a spirit of par-tay reverbing through the whole place, the unavoidable loudness of children is drowned out by the general ruckus, which, honestly, puts me at ease. Also, on Thursday nights visiting artist Rebecca Carter does hands-on activities in the Center for Creative Connections. Rebecca is a whiz at pretty much any material you hand her, including technology (lately she’s been teaching video-splicing and editing), so hopping in for a free session with her is a must, with or without the kiddos.