fremder_fremder by friend_friend

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friend_friend is the collaborative team of Rebecca and Emily Carter.

fremder_fremder is a video and installation work. The video combines low tech animation processes and live video to explores the inevitability of becoming stranger within the most intimately family(iar). Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources including Russell Hoban’s sci-fi narrative Fremder – the story of the un-mothered self flickering in and out of being – and Bracha Ettinger’s theory of aesthetic relations with the stranger through the matrixial borderspace, friend_friend combines family history and grand historical narrative to build an abstract meditation.

The installation is sparse and restrained. On the far wall a bas-relief set of twin beds and table float in a one point perspectival drawing/sculpture. Faint pencil lines on the wall complete the bedroom furniture extending into an imagined space beyond the gallery walls. Above the bas-relief table, at the vanishing point of the drawing, a 4 minute video loops in a 10” digital picture frame. Against an abstract sound scape, the video shifts between images of planes, boats, animals and a disjointed text message conversation. Directly opposite the video two owls garbed in red and gold perch on a leafless branch emerging from the wall. On a third wall a groundless thread drawing in cursive text reads “who who.”

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