Cosmic Tears


Cosmic Tears responds to the premise: What if the Eyeballs from Outer Space were to mourn? They would cry cosmic tears. Loss and the infant body.

“It is my impression that weeping then develops as part of the emotions connected with seeing the strange or missing the familiar. As already emphasized, seeing may become the most sensitive axis of the reaction to loss.”
— Phyllis Greenacre

“By releasing his tears without constraint, he follows the orders of the amorous body, which is the body bathed in liquid expansion, a bathed body: to weep together, to flow together: delicious tears finish off the reading of Klopstock which Charlotte and Werther perform together.  Where does the lover obtain the right to cry, if not in a reversal of values, of which the body is the first target? He accepts rediscovering the infant body.”  – Roland Barthes

“The tear fluid may be described as a built-in substitute in land animals for the ocean which they have lost.”
– Phyllis Greenacre