FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop (with Andrea Goldman)

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As FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop Goldman and I work together to read and respond to works from high and low culture, building a new language with which to comprehend both.

The collaborative drawing project, FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop, responds to conversations, research, and moments of inspiration linked to reading Alain Badiou’s 1982 text, The Theory of the Subject. We created a call and response structure. The first drawing in each tryptic, (the call) responds to a page in the text (pictured in the center). The second drawing, (the response) must be a compositional homology to the first drawing. The works are titled by the page number and a quote from that page of the text. The resulting dialectical triptychs, image-text-image, contain both returns to and flights from the original text.

As we were working on these drawings we also made a music video or rather, we overwrote a series of homologous subtitles to The Shangri-La’s Leader of the Pack.

Lieder of the Pact video