Drawing Machine Drawings

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Drawing Machine Drawings
Ink on paper
60in w x 40in h

The Drawing Machine project comes from an investigation of things that make themselves, sculptural objects that perform in time to create artifacts, evidence of their performance.  These “things that make themselves” are a response to more labor intensive aspects of my studio practice in particular the groundless thread drawings.  The Drawing Machine is a simple china silk sail that hangs by mono-filament from a thin frame of wooden dowels. The sail catches wind currents in the space moving a permanent marker across a large sheet of drawing paper stretched onto the floor of the space. The resulting marks build over time until the pen runs out of ink to create dense galaxy like configurations. Long thin lines form when the pen moves quickly and contrast with pools of seeping ink when the pen stands still.  All aspects of movement and stillness are recorded and are essential to creating the final work. In this way the Drawing Machines also perform an absent-minded ideal of presence.