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Exhibitions (*solo)

2015  *Holly Johnson Gallery, “A Thread House Has Whiskers.” Dallas, TX
2014  La Napoule Art Foundation, Do You See What I See?, La Napoule, France
2014  *RE:Gallery, “Sleep Architecture and the Dream House,” Dallas, TX
2014  The Reading Room, “Never to be yourself and yet always,” Dallas, TX
2013  MAP, Signage Works, Dallas, TX
2013  Texas Biennial, Blue Star Art, San Antonio, TX
2013  *Hendrix College, Conway, AK
2013  Brand 10, Moving Pictures, Fort Worth, TX
2013  (Wo)Manorial, Susan/Elizabeth, online,
2013  Re:Gallery, The Ordinary and the Everyday, Dallas, TX
2012  Dallas Museum of Art, The Eyeballs From Outerspace, Dallas, TX
2012  Nasher Sculpture Center, Fountainhead, Dallas, TX
2012  The Center for the Book, Tell Me How You Really Feel, New York, NY
2012  The Mobile Archive, with the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Lieder of the Pact, traveling
2012  Catskill Film and Video Festival, Lieder of the Pact, Catskill, NY
2012  The Art Foundation, Fountainhead, Dallas, TX
2012  UTD Gallery, Monstrous Coupling, curated by Andy Amato, Dallas, TX
2012  Brand 10, “Once and Again: Rebecca Carter, Teresa Rafidi, and Linda Ridgeway,” Fort Worth, TX
2012  Omni Hotel Building, Expanded Cinema, Dallas, TX
2011  The Free Museum of Dallas, Things Held But Never Understood, Dallas, TX
2011  *The Reading Room, Re: Reading the Love Letter, Dallas, TX
2011  *500X Gallery, Where is the Stud?, Dallas, TX
2011  ArtHouse TX, Lieder of the Pack, Texas Biennial Special Screening, Austin, TX
2011  Suite Art Fair, Dallas, TX
2011  The Marketing Arm, No Place Like Home, Dallas, TX
2011  Moudy Art Gallery, Art in the Metroplex, juror Toby  Kamps, Fort Worth, TX
2010  ArtsReligare, The Transforming State, New Delhi, India
2010  500X Gallery, FeedbackFeedbackLoopLoop (with Andrea Goldman), Dallas, TX
2010  Eastfield College, “Temporary Occupants,” Mesquite, TX
2010  *Eastfield College, Friendliness Towards all Things…, Mesquite, TX
2010  500X Gallery, The Space Between You and Me, Dallas, TX
2009  Cheongju International Craft Biennale Competition, Peoples Republic of South Korea
2009  Irvine Valley College, “drawn/draft/depict,” Irvine, CA
2009  Road Agent Gallery, “Far from the Madding Crowd,” Dallas, TX
2009   The Dallas Contemporary, “Viewfinder: New Work from  Texas,” Dallas, TX
2009  The M.A.C., S.M.U. Faculty Exhibition, Dallas, TX
2009  *500X Gallery, The Love Letter, Dallas, TX
2009  500X Galley, fremder_fremder, Dallas TX (with Emily Carter)
2009  University of Alabama, “Rocket City National,” Huntsville, AL
2008  Fotofest, My Own Backyard, Houston, TX and Daimler Headquarters,  Fort Worth, TX
2008  *500X, The Supposed Object,  Dallas, TX
2008  The Skydive, The Eyeglasses and the Eyeballs , Houston, TX
2008  UTD Gallery, Space is a Time Machine, Dallas, TX
2008  500X, Inaccessible Landscapes, Dallas, TX (with Thomas Feulmer)
2008  Tango to the Moon, Redmill Gallery, Johnson, VT (with Thu Kim Vu
2007  Corcoran Museum, De/(con)struction Site I, Washington, DC (Colorfield Re:mix, screening)
2007  Danny Simmons Gallery, Nest, Brooklyn, NY
2007  Pollock Gallery, Build Your Dream, Dallas, TX


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Feminist Strategies” Exhibition catalogue


2009  Cheongju International Craft Competition Merritt Prize and Travel Award
2008  Meadows Summer Fellowship
2007  Meadows School of Art Research/Travel Grant
2006  Southern Methodist University Research Council Grant
2006  Meadows School of Art Research/Travel Grant
1993  Mellon Grant


2012  La Napoule, France
2010  The WhyNot Place, New Delhi, India
2008  Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
Catwalk, Catskill, NY


2005  MFA Fiber and Material Studies, School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL
2003  BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
1993  BA Studio/Art History & Women’s Studies, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH